Leprechaun Trap Kit DIY

Leprechaun Trap Kit DIY

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Available for pick up on March 3!

Make your own Leprechaun trap with this kit. Use these items to get creative and catch the Leprechaun this year. Your children will love putting together their own trap using the supplies to make it their own.

This is a fun activity for children and gets their imagination going. Our family has been making traps for years and we have so much fun doing them that it was time to make a kit.

Items included in the kit
+ Accordion Leprechaun Hat
+ Gold Crinkle Paper
+ Rainbow Pipe Cleaners
+Gold Coins
+ Mini watercolor paint palette and brush
+2 mini signs with stands

Wood cutouts: ladder, shamrocks, and clouds


*You will need glue/tape/glue dots, scissors, and a small plastic cup!